domain master browser sync...

Ben Anderson btanders at
Sun Jun 4 18:10:04 GMT 2000

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000, Heinz Christian wrote:

> > If the samba box on the local subnet wins the domain master browser
> > election, all clients on the local subnet do browse list queries to this
> > machine, no?
> > 
> yes, if all maschines are configured the same way.
> no, if you have a mixture of broadcast- and wins-configured nodes.
> and no, the clients will contact the local master browser - not the domain
> master browser

Yeah, I know...  I stopped worrying about local/domain master browsers
because in my case, they are always the same machine...

> > If your 'impression' is still such that I am wrong, please explain with a
> > little more detail how one would go about achieving browse list
> > replication between domains across subnet boundaries.
> > 
> Because you can register these entries manually in your wins server(s),
> there is a possibility to point
> your nodes (including your master browsers) towards the master browsers of a
> different - maybe non-local - domain.
> This works also when using a local LMHOSTS:
>	"WINNTDOM   \0x1b"
> Note: This works with NT - i don´t know, if this works with samba - we use
> samba only as domain member servers.

I can point my local samba machine at a remote DMB, however samba doesn't
seem to replicate the remote browse list...

How are requests made to nmb for the entire browse list...  I'm thinking
if this can be acheived via unicast request, i can hack up nmb to do a
standard browse list request to the remote server, and update the local
browse list with the info received...


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