BUG / Possible FIX suggestion, results from investigating extra data written past expected EOF.

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Fri Jun 9 05:53:18 GMT 2000

Jeremy Allison <jeremy at valinux.company> wrote:

> "John E. Malmberg" wrote:
> >
> > BUG:
> >
> > When the SMBD process is told to the size of a file that is being
created or
> > overwritten, it uses ftruncate() or a fall back algorithm to set the
file to
> > that size at the beginning of the file transfer.
> >
> > Then the file is transferred and closed.
> >
> > This in some circumstances is resulting in extra data that is written
> > what was expected to be the end of file.  In most cases this data seems
> > be NULL characters.
> I cannot reproduce this on WinNT SP5. Can you tell me
> *exactly* what client you are seeing this with ?

Microsoft (R) Windows NT (TM) Workstation Version 4.0 (Build 1381: Service
Pack 5)
x86 Uniprocessor Free

I just re-ran my tests, and I am also unable to reproduce the symptoms.
Prior to posting the bug report, I ran 10 tests, and consistently got the
same results from both notepad and write.  Unfortunately, I had the SMB.LOG
redirected to the console, so I did not have any of that saved.

That was 4 days ago.

Last night the explorer GUI became unstable and was flashing random sections
of windows on random parts of the screen, and I was forced to reboot it to
get it to clear up.

This explorer instability seems to have appeared since SP5 and IE 5.0 were
put on this machine.  I seem to be able to run for two to three weeks at a
time before the symptoms appear.

I originally assumed that this was some OpenVMS problem, as it has been one
of the things reported on the SAMBA-VMS list regularly.  I also found that
the ftruncate() code in OpenVMS was not working, so I put in my own version
of the function.  When that did not make the problem go away, I spent a lot
of time chasing this down.

Now everything is working as expected, for every test.  And the only thing
that I have changed is to reboot the NT machine!

I am sorry for any time I wasted.

wb8tyw at qsl.network

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