Limit to num of shares?

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Thu Jun 1 00:38:04 GMT 2000

I hope you were joking.

1. I am ONLY working on SAMBA, and ALL my questions are SAMBA related!

2. The shares question is OBVIOUSLY a SAMBA issue. From your response, I
must have confused you. What I wanted to know, was is there a limit on the
number of concurrent shares that appear in explorer for a given server. ONE
client NOT 10 or 11.
I have 1 server with 11 shares specified in the SAMBA smb.conf file.
Will I be able to see all of them from my NT client?

3. TCPDUMP is specifically modified by the author of SAMBA for
troubleshooting SAMBA. It is on page 376 of the O'Reilly book that is now
part of SAMBA.

Boiling real good now.

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Yes, they do. Try creating a network share, then mapping it from 11
different NT clients. You'll get a nice message telling you you've exceeded
your connection limit on the 11th client.

This may just be SMB connections - I've never verified it. But it
*certainly* exists and is enforced under NT4. I suspect the same applied to
Win2K pro.

And by the way - this really isn't the most appropriate forum to ask this
question. It's only very tangentially related to Samba. Other questions
(like tcpdump versions <ahem> ;o) have been even less so...


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On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Ron Alexander wrote:

Are you sure this isn't the limit on concurrent connections? For
non-technical reasons (i.e. to make you buy a server license for
even though NT Workstation would do exactly the same job) MS limited the
number of connections you were permitted to 10. (They don't enforce this
limit anywhere, though...)


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