Multiple WINS Servers Enhancement

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Jul 7 05:35:20 GMT 2000

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> - It only works with NT WINS servers.

Right.  I said that.

> - Windows clients will only be able to address two of them.

And hence my comments about required a WINS server to
support multi-master replication.

> Again, there's nothing wrong with doing 
> what's described below, it's just that the actual 
> value diminishes as the options narrow.

Don't think so.  Please expand on your comment.
A concrete example would be nice.

> This also means that we're going to want to implement 
> WINS replication ourselves.

Nope.  Not necessary for this round.

> If you guys don't mind I'd like to implement this patch, 
> and modify it as described below.  

Fine by me.  I'm knee deep in rpcclient right now :-)

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