Clarification Requested

Elrond elrond at
Tue Jul 4 15:08:43 GMT 2000

Hi Peter. ;)

On Sun, Jul 02, 2000 at 09:04:02PM +1000, Peter Samuelson wrote:
> [William Gilmore <WHGI at>]
> > Does the design specification for Samba TNG contain support for the
> > Windows 2000 Security Model?
> Design spec?  What's that?  Around here the usual procedure is to patch
> until it works. (:
> Samba, including Samba-TNG, currently only supports Windows 2000 in
> NT4-compatibility mode.  There is an effort underway to migrate the
> LDAP code to the schema used by Active Directory, but I do not know how
> far along it is.

The other Luke worked on that, but I don't know either, how
far this stuff is.

> About other parts of the NT5 security model, I know nothing.

(Those involve kerberos...)

> > Any chance of anyone having an idea on when TNG will be in production?
> Elrond is scheduled to fix the last bug on July 16. (:

*biggrin* ;)

Peter, you seem to have a crystal ball, since I just
learned from this mail about this? ;)
Is your crystal ball also able to tell me more about the
bug or previous bugs? ;)

> No.  Nobody knows.  Many people *do* use it in production, but I guess

Yes, people use it in production environments (including
me). Most of them put the profiles-share and the
nt-home-dirs on either a stable samba or even on an
nt-machine (a workstation, that is a member of the domain
will work fine). For example: I've got the profiles also on
the samba-box and the home-dirs on a normal workstation
(and I'm thinking to move the profiles there too...)

> you're really asking when it will be officially released.

Well... No idea at all.. I'm currently somehow trying to
fix a bunch of bugs, as I notice them. But there are times,
where people (including me) just want to try out new stuff
and hope, the rest still works, so new unstable stuff is
introduced now and then.

Some of the client-stuff in TNG is currently being merged
into HEAD, so this will be in an official release once...

> Peter

BTW: What happened to tdbimport? Not that I need it
     currently nor do I want to push you in any way, I'm
     just curious.
     If you don't have the time or simply don't want to
     write it, that's fine with me. I'm simply curious


p.s.: Your debug throttle patch is still in my
      samba-cvs-folder, I didn't yet get to apply it...

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