Clarification Requested

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Jul 2 11:02:09 GMT 2000

[William Gilmore <WHGI at>]
> Does the design specification for Samba TNG contain support for the
> Windows 2000 Security Model?

Design spec?  What's that?  Around here the usual procedure is to patch
until it works. (:

Samba, including Samba-TNG, currently only supports Windows 2000 in
NT4-compatibility mode.  There is an effort underway to migrate the
LDAP code to the schema used by Active Directory, but I do not know how
far along it is.

About other parts of the NT5 security model, I know nothing.

> Any chance of anyone having an idea on when TNG will be in production?

Elrond is scheduled to fix the last bug on July 16. (:

No.  Nobody knows.  Many people *do* use it in production, but I guess
you're really asking when it will be officially released.


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