Clarification Requested

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Jul 5 05:41:38 GMT 2000

> > Elrond is scheduled to fix the last bug on July 16. (:

[Elrond <elrond at>]
> *biggrin* ;)
> Peter, you seem to have a crystal ball, since I just learned from
> this mail about this? ;) Is your crystal ball also able to tell me
> more about the bug or previous bugs? ;)

It'll be an off-by-one error.  I think it'll be the "buffer size" field 
returned in one of the getuserinfo RPC functions.

You will also fix two memory leaks on that day.


> BTW: What happened to tdbimport? Not that I need it currently

I haven't forgotten.  I took a stab at it one day, but it was a little
harder than it looked so I didn't have a chance to finish it.  I'll
dredge it back up and do it Real Soon Now....


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