coding volunteers needed for msrpc server-side API conversion

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Jan 27 18:41:33 GMT 2000

> Okay, something else:
> I couldn't believe, I did it, cause I didn't like something
> similiar, when you did it: I rewrote the server-side for
> lsa_lookup_names to use lookup_sam_domainname() to get the
> sid... after I did it, I asked myself, if it is a _good_
> idea.

yeah, i keep asking myself about this, too.  i'm really not sure what to
do about this, yet.
> The question is mainly: Is lsarpcd
> - responsible for sids for domains. (don't think so)

i don't think so, either.

> - caching domain-sids. (one option)
> - just redirecting _everything_ and doesn't know anything
>   at all, when a new request arrives. (other option)

yes.   that _is_ the implementation of microsoft's LSA!!!

the LSA _is_ a redirector.

in other words, you plug in a new lsarpcd and you have an NT5-based LSA.

or, you plug in a netware-based lsarpcd.

in each case, you don't _need_ samrd any more because you're not running a
SAM-based system.

lsarpcd, strictly speaking, should be implemented in terms of samr_xx()
client-side calls.

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