coding volunteers needed for msrpc server-side API conversion

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Jan 27 18:37:42 GMT 2000

> That means, that _lsa_lookup_names will get UNISTR and has
> to do the conversion itself?

yes, in the case where we're implementing unix-like stuff which only uses

however, you're goind a recursive look-up, so you're going to convert to
ascii, and then call client-side lsa_lookup_names with ascii???  when it
goes over-the-wire, it gets converted _back_ to unicode??

naaah!  stick with unicode for as long as possible.

after all, it's only a limitation of unix that doesn't have unicode, and
we shouldn't impose that on russian, chinese, japanese etc usage of samba.

plus, what happens if i want to write a SAM database that supports

> And on the other side, it means, that all calls to
> lsa_lookup_names() will have to do the UNISTR-conversion
> themselfes?

yes, it does.  we can write a wrapper for this:

lsa_lookup_namesA() and lsa_lookup_namesW()

if necessary.
> I thought, you wanted the conversion to be like this:
> 	lsa_lookup_names(args)
> 	        |
> 	        V
> 	      glue
> 	        |
> 	        V
> 	DCE/RPC on the wire
> 	        |
> 	        V
> 	      glue
> 	        |
> 	        V
> 	_lsa_lookup_names(args) gets called.

yep.  so that if we want, we can #define lsa_lookup_names to
_lsa_lookup_names and it works.

> And I would like the UNISTR-conversion to be in the
> "glue". since all the functions around want to work on
> normal strings.

no, they don't.  trust me.

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