Seems BeOS has neither fcntl nor lockf

Allen Reese allen at
Mon Jan 3 18:51:00 GMT 2000

Sure...  They are quite sick of  me complaining that I can't add IPX
support.  Openldap had this problem with slapd, they have a stepping back

they use, lockf(), or fcntl() then fall back to flock()...
It shouldn't be too hard to get lockf() working, Hey I remember where the
source to BeOS lockf is.  the source to libroot, has the source to lockf()
in it.  for some reason it isn't compiled on BeOS.  anyhow here's the path
to libroot source off a R4.5 cd:

/BeOS\ R4.5\ x86/_packages_/extras/optional/develop/libroot/

somewhere in there should be lockf.c  which contains it.  ;)

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On Mon, 3 Jan 100, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

> > Yes there are workarounds.   If you want I can look around and find them
> > out.  I have run into this before and worked around it.  now also
> > remember that sockets are not file descriptors. ;)
> I know someone who works for Be who does networking stuff.  Should I 
> rattle his cage?
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