Combined use of samba cvs main and SAMBA_TNG

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Jan 3 19:38:00 GMT 2000

finally!  a way to get the best of samba cvs main (development version
3.0, derived from the 2.0.x tree) and samba, the next generation (nt
domains for unix project).

it's really, really simple.

download, compile and run samba cvs main's smbd, nmbd etc.

download, compile and follow instructions in SAMBA_TNG branch's
source/README file, *except*, do not run smbd and nmbd from SAMBA_TNG.

the cvs main smbd will automatically check for the msrpc services running
[from the SAMBA_TNG branch].  if it doesn't find them, cvs main smbd will
fall back to using its own, internal msrpc code.

the only slight issue that's going to bother you if you do this is cvs
main smbd will not recognise any of the SAMBA_TNG smb.conf parameters...
if you use any of them.

for example "client ntlmv2" and "server ntlmv2" are supported by SAMBA_TNG
but not by cvs main.

luke (samba team)

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