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Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Tue Dec 26 12:46:12 GMT 2000


I am just starting to implement the routines to do directory listings, and
want to be able to support a model that allows the user to list all
workgroups on the network, all servers in a workgroup, all shares on a
server and so on.

We are working with a URI style syntax, and I wanted to propose the following:

  smb:        means list all workgroups on current network

  smb:wg//    means list all servers in workgroup wg
  smb://      means list all servers in your workgroup (as defined in 

  smb:[wg]//server means list all shares in server [in wg]

  smb:[wg]//server/share means list all directories at top level of
             share on server [in wg]

  smb:[wg]//server/share/path means list all directories in path in share
            on server [in wg]

Does anyone have any comments on this ...


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