First pass at an smbclient library committed ...

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Tue Dec 26 06:12:19 GMT 2000


I have just committed the first pass of the smb client library stuff,, to the head branch, AFAICT.

This code has only be built on Linux, so I don't know about any other
operating system, and I cannot test other OSes for a while yet.

The code is not built automatically, you have to:

  make client/testsmbc

which will build the library and the test program.

Some further changes to come are:

1. Read in smb.conf info from $USER/.smb/smbc.conf if it exists
2. code the directory handling routines
3. Add print job routines
4. Add changes to allow installing the library in the 
   correct target location and to build smbclient.h and copy it to the 
   correct location as well.

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