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Michael Sweet mike at
Tue Dec 26 13:33:13 GMT 2000

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> ...
> We are working with a URI style syntax, and I wanted to propose
> the following:
>   smb:        means list all workgroups on current network
>   smb:wg//    means list all servers in workgroup wg
>   smb://      means list all servers in your workgroup (as defined in
>               $USER/.smb/smb.conf
> ...
> Does anyone have any comments on this ...

What we've done for CUPS is similar:

    smb:///server/share (server in current workgroup)

The main difference is (as you can see) that the workgroup shows up
after the // in the URI, which IMHO is a bit more "standard" and
follows the recommended stuff for the file: scheme.

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