response to Luke's Letter [part I]

Sander Striker s.striker at
Wed Aug 16 23:45:22 GMT 2000


>As a member of the Samba Team, I want to add a few 
>quick comments and I'll follow up later with more details.
>1)	The Samba code has not forked.  Don't 
>  	believe any rumors people posted to the 
>	mailing lists.  Rest easy.

True. TNG has somehow become, like a few team members said,
reference code. This is what causes me, and some others, to
jump. There are some design decisions that are resolved by
dismissing TNGs solution completely, which is sometimes
really a big waste of effort.

>2)	There is no dissension among members of 
>	the Samba Team.  Luke's letter was his 
>	own and as all members of the team
>	he is free to move one to other projects as he
>	wishes and to continue to work on Samba
>	under the same development guidelines we 
>	all respect.

I have to agree and I have to disagree. Those among you
who have been following the cvs list the last year might
have noticed that there has been a lot of discussion about
minor things that are totally blown up. I won't go into
detail on this.

>3)	PDC development will continue.  While Luke
>	undoubtedly does understand the Windows NT
>	domain control protocol the most,
>	his code provides the documentation that was 
>	previously absent for the rest of us.

Ofcourse development will continue, including DC development.
I doubt however that it can be done with the same speed, since
the one with the drive and a scary amount of knowledge has
decided to not put in any more effort.

>Can't think of any other rumors to squash at 
>the moment, so that is all for now.  More installments
>most likely to come.

I don't want to create a paranoid crowd by screaming out assumptions,
there is a basis for my comments but everyone has ofcourse to
consider that this is just my point of view.


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