response to Luke's Letter [part I]

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Aug 16 16:50:48 GMT 2000


As a member of the Samba Team, I want to add a few 
quick comments and I'll follow up later with more details.

1)	The Samba code has not forked.  Don't 
  	believe any rumors people posted to the 
	mailing lists.  Rest easy.

2)	There is no dissension among members of 
	the Samba Team.  Luke's letter was his 
	own and as all members of the team
	he is free to move one to other projects as he
	wishes and to continue to work on Samba
	under the same development guidelines we 
	all respect.

3)	PDC development will continue.  While Luke
	undoubtedly does understand the Windows NT
	domain control protocol the most,
	his code provides the documentation that was 
	previously absent for the rest of us.

Can't think of any other rumors to squash at 
the moment, so that is all for now.  More installments
most likely to come.

Cheers, jerry
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