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> 	In the face of this I don't think Luke saw a true fork as being
> particularly productive, but he ran out of energy trying to find other
> resolutions.
	In the face of Gerard's sanity-check message, I'd better clarify
this.  It was _really_ badly put.

	I didn't mean to imply that Luke was forking the project, or
considering it.  

	Rather, just that codebase was already forked between TNG and HEAD,
and it looked to me like he didn't want to have to keep fighting to keep the
two halves together in the same project while maintaining his own
architectural direction.

	To me, it looks like he got too tired to keep arguing about various
directions he wanted to take in TNG that wouldn't be accepted in HEAD, and
from there the only two options really would have been to go work on
something else, or fork the project.  (he did the former)

	As before, elbow-speaking disclaimers apply.

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