Kernel oplocks and Linux

Erik Habbinga habbinga at
Thu Sep 9 21:50:30 GMT 1999

I'm curious if any activity is happening on adding kernel oplock
support to the Linux kernel.  Various documents on state
the support that IRIX has for kernel oplocks and "upcoming" support
in the Linux and FreeBSD kernels.  I can't find any direct evidence
that someone is working on kernel oplocks for Linux.

My questions:

1) Is anyone working on kernel oplocks for Linux?  If so, who is and
   what is the current status?

2) If nobody is working on kernel oplocks, is there a specification for
   the kernel interface?  I've looked at the smbd/oplock.c code and
   see the code in the #ifdefs for KERNEL_OPLOCK_SUPPORT, but some
   of the structures and #defines appear to be SGI IRIX specific.


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