Compilation problems in HEAD!

Michael Stockman pgmtekn at
Sat Nov 27 22:29:00 GMT 1999


During the last three (I think) weeks I have not been able to compile
the head branch samba due to errors in rpc_client/cli_svcctl.c and
cli_srvsvc.c. Neither checking out or updating my codebase have cured
this at any time during this period.

There are two errors:
1. cli_srvsvc.c: functions make_srv_q_net_file_enum and
make_srv_q_net_file_enum have got new parameters, which is not
reflected in this file.

2. cli_svcctl.c: undefined reference to: srv_io_q_net_tprt_enum,
srv_io_r_net_tprt_enum, make_svc_q_stop_service,
svc_io_q_stop_service, svc_io_r_stop_service,
make_svc_q_start_service, make_svc_q_change_svc_config,
svc_io_q_change_svc_config and svc_io_q_change_svc_config. Is there
some file that my cvs refuses to download, or are they in some file
that isn't (yet) on the server?

--- Personal statement ---

I will repeat my position that HEAD cannot be suggested as production
product at any time, even if it would show that my problems are
actually local problems at my system (bad compiler, cvs install, phase
of the moon and the like).

HEAD is officially a development branch (was at least last time I
checked), and it is bad to tell anyone to make your 1 to 30000 users
rely on it for any purpose except testing (and in that case only when
faults can be tolerated). Samba suffers from the great diversity
between the development branch and the head branch (the merge should
cure this) and that is to some extent a result of that too much pure
testing code is allowed to go into and stay in the head code. Please
do not allow that to happen again after version 2.2. Effective
development requires control of both the main and the development
branch as well as discussion on the mailing lists of how samba should
work (where that is nonobvious).

--- end of personal statement ---

Best regards
  Michael Stockman
  pgmtekn-micke at

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