Local Master Browser ^= Domain Master Browser?

Luke Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Sat Nov 27 20:07:20 GMT 1999


LMB functionality has absolutely nothing in common with, or any dependence
on, DMB functionality. a DMB's job is to collate lists from LMBs and then
feed the collated list back to LMBs.

the same process or the same program or the same computer can register
itself as the DMB for a domain and it can _also_ independently register
itself as LMBs on independent subnets.

then again, it could _lose_ being the LMB on any of the subnets... and it
doesn't matter.

the same program-as-a-DMB simply contacts itself-as-the-LMB or
another-computer-as-the-LMB-for-a-subnet and collates lists.

so, yes: there are circumstances (very unusual) in which samba can be a
DMB and yet have _another_ machine as the LMB on its own subnet.  this is
rare, but it is not a problem: it just slows slows down the DMB/LMB list
collation/propagation process.


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