Roaming profile: login path= ignored on 2.0.6

Steve Litt slitt at
Sun Nov 14 22:15:25 GMT 1999

With Samba 2.0.6, Samba seems to ignore my logon path= statement, and
always put profiles in the home directory. I can toggle this symptom by
switching back and forth between 2.0.5a and 2.0.6. With login
path=\\%N\profile\%U, 2.0.5a puts them below the directory I define in
[profile]. 2.0.6 puts them below my home directory.

I have some more information on this. In function api_RNetUserGetInfo() of
file smbd/ipc.c, two calls like this in 2.0.5a:

pstrcpy(p2, lp_logon_path()); 

were changed to the following in 2.0.6:

pstrcpy(p2, lp_logon_home()); 

When I put them back to lp_logon_path() in 2.0.6, the logon path= parameter
was once again recognized and acted on. The cvs.log says the
lp_logon_path() calls were a mistake, so it's probably not as simple as
putting them back to lp_logon_path()...

Please let me know if I've written to the correct list with this information.


Steve Litt

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