nmbd & netbios name -> many addreses

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at wdr.com
Thu Mar 18 22:43:47 GMT 1999

Preventing bad NetBIOS names from sullying your name space and thus
allowing some sort of coherency between the DNS and WINS names spaces
(by using some sort of DHCP->DNS sync) requires CONTROL over what
NetBIOS clients are on your LANs and the political capital to, at the
very least, deny support to violators of your naming rules, or,
preferably, the political capital to discipline such violators, by job
termination if need be.

But the best you can hope for is what I that to which I referred above
as "namespace coherency between DNS and WINS [NetBIOS]". Even then,
NetBIOS provides a flat namespace; most large organizations do NOT have
a flat DNS namespace internally.

I work in an environment where every client and server has been staged
using standard procedures and where action can be taken to discipline
violators. It's much better than what I can, from reading this list,
some of you have to put up with.

Good luck.


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