nmbd & netbios name -> many addreses

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Fri Mar 19 04:52:53 GMT 1999

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

> > > Also, there's the type
> > > byte.  How do you include that with a DNS name?
> > 
> > don't.  if you _have_ to, use a valid char (e.g # if that's valid!) as a
> > separator and put the name type after it.
> Luke, we're talking about mapping DNS name to NetBIOS names.  The idea 
> suggested was that nmbd should reject NetBIOS names that do not conform 
> to DNS syntax.


>  The only non-alphanumeric character allowed in a DNS name 
> is the dash.

ok, convention then, if you _have_ to have a "netbios-to-dns" mapping
convention is to take the last two letters as hex-digits: see next comment

 > > don't register those.  only register unique names; only register server
> > names; only register PDC Domain names; only register multiple BDC Domain
> > names is an exceptional consideration.
> If you restrict your NBNS server that way, is it an NBNS server?

i was confused: i was thinking the _other_ way round: taking the NBNS
table and feeding _that_ to the DNS.  in which case, the above
restrictions [feeding nbns to dns] are my suggestion.

>  If you 
> don't register group names, will the machines be able to find the 
> services that they are looking to find?  I don't think that this is a 
> functional solution.

the intention would be to be able to provide an alternative means to find
a PDC (using DNS) and then to cut over to NBNS for browsing purposes ASAP.

> Of course, my stance (having tried too hard to make it work) is that
> NetBIOS names simply *do not* map to DNS names and vice-versa.  *Unless*
> you are using the Level 1 encoding *and* scope as described in the RFCs.

yep, exactly.  unless you use a modified NBNS as a proxy system, i've
described this in very great detail to you once [it's in the archives.  
the gist, to summarise / remind you: creating NetBIOS names on-the-fly and
proxying entire network neighbourhoods on-the-fly and creating DFS mount
points on-the-fly that _eventually_ refer the client to the real server.  
requires some extensive work in samba but nigel williams has done the
difficult bit already: he did the DFS referrals stuff six to eight months

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