WINS replication

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Sat Jan 30 19:11:29 GMT 1999

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>On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Gerald Carter wrote:
>> Has anyone every looked int o the protocol used for
>> WINS replication between two NT Servers? Just curious
>> how diffucult it would be.
>undocumented, undecoded my netmon (or at least what I'd looked)
>One part is on the MS-RPC/DCE wins pipe and an other on tcp/135 port, IIRC
>If the frames are obfuscated that's just a bit longer to decode :-)
> J.F.

JF--any idea how difficult it would be to patch the NetBIOS broadcast
detection code into the WINS code, so that machines not able to hear the
broadcasts could still connect to those computers via the WINS server?  Just
curious how much revamping would be necessary.

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