smbmount and Linux 2.2.x

James Willard james at
Sun Jan 31 05:50:36 GMT 1999

   I've been using Samba on my Linux 2.0.x system for quite a while, and I
have been using the smbmount package for Linux. Well, when I moved to Linux
2.2.x recently, I obviously had to use the smbmount that comes with Samba
2.0. Previously, I mounted a SMB share using:

smbmount //jersey/c /jersey/c -U root -g adm -d 770 -f 660 -P ""

Now, using the smbmount and smbmnt utilities that come in the samba 2.0
distribution, I type:

smbmount //jersey/c -U root -c "mount /jersey/c -g adm -d 770 -f 660"

Which does successfully mount the share with the mount point being
/jersey/c. I am able to access the files as I did with the older smbmount
program, but after a period of time, varying between 15 minutes to an hour
or more, the connection goes bad. Running ps aux shows the smbmount process
still running, but any attempt to access the mounted share gives:

holstein:~$ ls /jersey/c
/bin/ls: /jersey/c: I/O error

I am also seeing this same problem on a totally different system. There
aren't any problems with other machines connecting to the shares on the
Linux boxes, it's just shares mounted from Linux. The setup is as follows:

System 1:     Linux 2.2.1       System 2:     Linux 2.2.0 
              Redhat 4.2                      Slackware 3.4
              Samba 2.0.0                     Samba 2.1.0-prealpha

My question is: Is anyone else seeing these problems? Is this a Linux
problem, Samba problem, or am I basically mounting it wrong in the first

Thanks for your time,

James D. Willard
james at


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