Samba and SSL

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Jan 25 15:57:20 GMT 1999


now I have got the bit between my teeth.

At the moment, the only thing that the SSL support in Samba does is check
if the certificate presented is valid.

However, it seems that the next step is to check that the common name
matches in some sense the DNS name of the entity presenting the certificate.

Eg,  we might have a parameter check remote cert = <DNS subset>

so, check remote cert =

would cause Samba to reject remote certificates that did not match one of
these.  In the case of, names like would match.

Now, one needs to be careful as well in checking the DNS name.  One should
take the IP address and back translate it, and then forward translate it,
and insist on authorative responses etc, and maybe ask a number of DNS
servers for the answers.


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