Solution to my own problem (hacked together) use if looks good to

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Mon Jan 25 08:49:18 GMT 1999

[Tridge explains quite clearly why DHCP isn't just some simple problem of
automatically reloading.  Big time voice of experience and cursing of
Microsoft under his breath.]

I don't suppose we can spoof a disconnect from the old IP?  :-)

Yeah, I guess this problem is a serious pain in the ass.

>> That's what I'm running, for example, for the Linux machine in the middle
>> the Proxy ARP Subnet I have setup here.  (Proxy ARP, by the way, works
>> wonderfully except that I haven't yet found a way to allow the machines
>> the 194 subnet to share broadcasts with computers on the 98 subnet.  That
>> means no network neighborhood for the 194 machines.  Any suggestions?)
>use a WINS server (Samba can do that for you), that way broadcasts
>don't matter nearly so much.

I'm not the network administrator on campus(though my SAMBA -> Novell print
redirector now handles 90% of the print jobs for the test dorm), so I can't
just make everyone use my WINS server.  Samba has no facilities for
converting broadcast info to WINS entries, as far as I saw.

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