mailslot handlers & API

Malte Starostik malte.starostik at
Tue Jan 26 05:39:53 GMT 1999

Driven by the idea of writing a Linux client for RealPopup, a WinPopup
like app for Windows, that uses the mailslots \MAILSLOT\MESSNGR and
\MAILSLOT\REALP, I´m currently playing with an extension to nmbd.

In nmbd_packets.c, process_dgram(...) I´m calling a generic
process_mailslot_packet(...) if the target mailslot is not the browser
or a logon mailslot.

I added a parameter, mailslot handlers, to smb.conf, that specifies a
list of libraries that can process datagrams for different mailslots.
These libs should be loaded on startup and export a routine char
*register_mailslots() that returns a list of mailslot names they like to
"listen" to. These values are stored in list.
In process_mailslot_packet, this list is searched for a handler that can
process the datagram. If one is found, its routine
process_mailslot_packet(...) is called.
For the handlers to be able to reply to a packet, they should be passed
a function´s address that sends a packet to a specified mailslot on a
remote machine.

So far for the theory.

My questions before going on are:
- am I concerning about something that is already implemented in any way
and I´ve just not found it?
- am I doing something that would violate any part of the samba concept?

- is anyone interested at all or am I just to do it for my own?

Any comments/suggestions appreciated!


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