Win 95 file name restrictions

Andy Bakun abakun at
Mon Feb 8 22:59:36 GMT 1999

Richard Sharpe wrote:

>     However, Win95 can open files with longer names. It can handle upto 256
> chars, which is the limit of the lenght of file names one can create from a
> Linux command line (bash).

Depends on what you mean by "open".  I observed Word 97 (SR-1 and SR-2) open a
file on a samba share with a name longer than 127 characters, but it truncated it
when saving, and then failed the save (because it removed the extension, and the
temp file had the truncated name).  It apparently truncates the name while saving
it, and then checks for the existance of a file with the full name, and since that
doesn't exist, it thinks the save failed.


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