Win 95 file name restrictions, Samba restrictions, and forwarding directed broadcasts

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Feb 8 08:12:06 GMT 1999


I have some further info on Win 95 file name restrictions etc.

1.  Win 95 command box restricts the total command line to about 128 chars,
which restricts the max file name that can be specified. 

    The GUI restricts file names to 127 characters.  No more can be entered in
    Windows Explorer

    However, Win95 can open files with longer names. It can handle upto 256
chars, which is the limit of the lenght of file names one can create from a
Linux command line (bash).

2.  Samba can handle file names up to close to 1024 chars if the underlying OS
    can. I tested this with smbclient a long time ago.  It can also handle 
    path names up to 1024 chars or there abouts.

3.  I have made a start on getting Linux to forward directed broadcasts.

    Now have linux doing a ARP request for, which is the 
    broadcast address for the subnet :-)  Something is broken somewhere.

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