Long path names and NT Create function in Samba

Richard Sharpe sharpe at ns.aus.com
Mon Feb 8 12:08:16 GMT 1999

Hi all,

to answer some outstanding questions in the book, I was investigating
folder and file creation when the path is long.

I had a directory whose combined path was 251 chars long on UNIX.

I then asked Windows NT 4.0 to create a new folder in that directory.

The trace shows NT sending:

  NT Transact - NT Create  \zzzzz....zzzz\wwww...www\New Folder

The whole length is over 256 characters, although the data area is padded
with lots of zeros.

The response back from Samba was: DOS Error - File Not Found.

Windows interprets it as: The file name or extension was too long.

Unfortunately, a DOS Command window does not allow you to enter such long
directory or file names.

And smbclient does not allow you to cd to such long path names, it gives
string overflow by 2 in safe_strcpy :-)

Looks like a problem ...

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