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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Fri Dec 24 05:58:55 GMT 1999

<tridge at> wrote

> > The OpenVMS operating system has Indexed file support.  A quick glance
> > the the description that you reference shows that much of the
> > is readily available in the native record manager.
> does it handle arbitrary sized non-uniform records/keys and multiple
> simultaneous writers?

Arbitrary sized non-uniform records: Yes up to 32,224 bytes/record.

Arbitrary sized keys: Yes. and multiple levels of subkeys.

Multiple simultaneous writers: Yes.  Very scalable.

Also tuning and analysis utilities are built into the OpenVMS operating
system so that the file characteristics can be optimized for the particular

> If you want to work on this then maybe start with tdbtest.c or
> tdbtool.c and get those working, using some shim routines. I have
> another test program I'll be committing soon.

At this time, I do not have a CVS program working, so I can only pull from
ftp: sites.

I will look at this after I get 2.0.6 fully functional.  SMBCLIENT is now
basically working except for some smb.conf issue.  I had the -Message
working, but file transfer was not, I changed 4 things in smb.conf, and now
file transfer works, but -Message is not. :-(

Only one cosmetic change seems to be needed.  Control-Z is to OpenVMS what
Control-D is to UNIX.  So the message text needed to be changed.

Other than that, I am using the Generic UNIX source.  I still have a number
of issues to check with handling of "TEXT" and "NON-TEXT" formats.

> > I will have to look that up in a little bit, as I find I did not keep as
> > detailed notes on this as I thought.  Basically it involves uid.c and
> > server.c and the IIRC: unbecome_user() and exit_server().
> locking.c also doesn't depend on any uid stuff.

locking_slow.c does though.  It calls become_root() and unbecome_root().
And bringing in UID.C to resolve it, brings in references to exit_server(),
get_valid_user(), and user_ok().


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