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David Lee T.D.Lee at
Wed Dec 22 11:35:17 GMT 1999

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Andrew Tridgell wrote:

> I've just committed the first of the big changes in the head (Samba
> 3.0) branch to do with the new database code.
> For those who don't remember, the database code will be replacing a
> bunch of shared data structures and lock files that have been used in
> Samba previously. This should greatly simplify the internal structures
> in Samba and also has some external benefits.
> what has been done in CVS head so far is:
>   - new tdb/tdb.c database module. I've written this to be like gdbm
>     but to use shared memory and allow multiple simultaneous writers
>     and locking. It also includes a test suite and a database tool
>   - changed the existing connection databases (what was in STATUS..LCK
>     and sharename.LCK) to use a single tdb database instead
>   - changd all the existing share mode and oplock code that used
>     sysv,mmap or lock files to instead use a tdb database. A nice side
>     effect is that the storage for this stuff now takes up much less
>     space and auto-expands as needed.
>   - modified smbstatus and swat to know about the new databases.
> there are still several more places in Samba that will be converted to
> use tdb databases, especially the WINS code. Expect some more commits
> soon.

We have a patch to do utmp/wtmp accounting per-share.  Thus commands such
as "who" and "last" can include samba connections for those sites that
enable the parameters.

Apart from a couple of tweaks in "" etc., the code is entirely
within smbd/connection.c, as extra subroutines called from within
"claim_connection()" and "yield_connection()".  As I recall, this is quite
close to the locking stuff.

Could you think about how my patch might be incorporated (a) in general
(b) with particular reference to potential changes in smbd/connection.c?


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