new database code

tridge at tridge at
Thu Dec 23 23:06:29 GMT 1999

> The OpenVMS operating system has Indexed file support.  A quick glance at
> the the description that you reference shows that much of the functionality
> is readily available in the native record manager.

does it handle arbitrary sized non-uniform records/keys and multiple
simultaneous writers?

If you want to work on this then maybe start with tdbtest.c or
tdbtool.c and get those working, using some shim routines. I have
another test program I'll be committing soon.

> I will have to look that up in a little bit, as I find I did not keep as
> detailed notes on this as I thought.  Basically it involves uid.c and
> server.c and the IIRC: unbecome_user() and exit_server().

tdb.c doesn't depend on anything else in Samba. It can even be built
as a standalone library - just compile with -DSTANDALONE=1

locking.c also doesn't depend on any uid stuff.

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