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Osama Abu-Aish osabmt00 at
Wed Dec 15 23:55:43 GMT 1999

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Hello all of You,

after spending so much time in digging through the sources I'd like to
ask all the samba-coders for a little assistance - wold it be possible to
put a little bit more documentation _IN_ the sources? I know that this is
something very awful and unpopular, but think of the huge amount of time
and energy that is wasted by everybody trying to figure out simply WHAT
the source is actually doing and what all the #defined values mean.
Off course much of this can be looked up in MSDN and the lists etc, but wouldn't
it be much more effective if the person who figuered out this information tould
it to everybody _in_ the source than making everybody searching for the information
again and again?

I know that this is a difficult topic because to much documentation is never read
by anybody and is also a waste of time, but _hardly any_ documentation is just as bad.

Please don't feel criticized in any way - I _love_ the work You all did! I'm just thinking
about making it easier and more effective to contribute something to samba :-)

What do You think about this?

Greetings Osama

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