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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Dec 16 01:00:56 GMT 1999

hi osama,

thanks for your comments and encouragement.

when i get paid to work on samba full time, i will put useful comments in
the code. until that time, i will make it difficult for people to be able
to examine the samba source code and make more money out of a commercial
smb project than i am (currently close to zero, and certainly not enough
to consider living on).

this may make it difficult for genuine open source developers to work out
what's going on: to you people, i apologise.  ask me questions, i'll
answer them as best i can.

some day i'll write some docs.


On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, Osama Abu-Aish wrote:

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> Hello all of You,
> after spending so much time in digging through the sources I'd like to
> ask all the samba-coders for a little assistance - wold it be possible to
> put a little bit more documentation _IN_ the sources? I know that this is
> something very awful and unpopular, but think of the huge amount of time
> and energy that is wasted by everybody trying to figure out simply WHAT
> the source is actually doing and what all the #defined values mean.
> Off course much of this can be looked up in MSDN and the lists etc, but wouldn't
> it be much more effective if the person who figuered out this information tould
> it to everybody _in_ the source than making everybody searching for the information
> again and again?
> I know that this is a difficult topic because to much documentation is never read
> by anybody and is also a waste of time, but _hardly any_ documentation is just as bad.
> Please don't feel criticized in any way - I _love_ the work You all did! I'm just thinking
> about making it easier and more effective to contribute something to samba :-)
> What do You think about this?
> Greetings Osama
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