smb.conf not getting built - samba-2.0.3

Ramu, Sunil sunil.ramu at
Thu Apr 22 21:43:37 GMT 1999

Hello Everybody,

I am a newbie this samba stuff and am trying to compile Samba 2.0.3 on a
Solaris 2.6. I am using Sun's native compiler SUNWspro (Sun WorkShop). I
am aware that pre-compiled version is readily available at ftp sites.
However, we have various UNIX boxes with OS at different levels. It is
necessary for us to compile samba 2.0.3. I have decided to start off
with Solaris. 

The procedure I follow is -

1)	# cd /system/samba-2.0.3/source
2)	# ./configure
3)	# make clean
4)	# make
5)	# make install

The newly built binaries are installed under /usr/local/samba .

There are no build errors. However, I do not see the smb.conf file under
/usr/local/samba/lib . What am I doing wrong ?.

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Sunil Ramu
Veritas Software
Cambrige, Ma

Email: sunilr at
Phone: 617-734-9487

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