smbclient: need -U with -L?

Dan Christopherson danch at
Thu Apr 22 20:22:16 GMT 1999

I'm getting mysterious, sporadic 'password rejected' errors from my
NT4SP3 PDC when users try to print to a Solaris 2.6 box running Samba
2.0.3 (security - SERVER, encrypt passwords = yes).

while chasing a\this mystery problem, I ran across the following code
(samba 2.03) in client/client.c:

	case 'L':
                  *username = '\0';

This means that if I specify -L, I need to also specify -U, or at least
that's the behavior I see when using smbclient from a Solaris 2.6
machine to list shares on an NT4.0 SP3 server.
'smbclient -U danch -L mudshark' works
'smbclient -L mudshard' doesn't work

Can anyone tell me what this code is intended to do? Does it work as
expected for others? 

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