Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Sat Oct 24 05:40:13 GMT 1998

> Ugh - how can you live without proper dependency checking?

I do "make clean" a lot :-)

> But I've found a better problem - in maintainer mode the -fpic stuff
> doesn't work because the rule applies the dependency stuff to the $(MV)
> command and not as arguments to $(CC).
> Shall I commit this one?  Are there any tips for commiting stuff (apart
> from making sure it compiles) into the repository?  I haven't worked on a
> multi-user CVS tree before.

yep, go ahead.


1) _always_ do a cvs update just before a commit. 
2) do a "cvs diff -u" to make sure you are committing what you think
   you are committing
3) if you are an emacs user then try pcl-cvs, it makes the above two
   rules painless and is a very nice way to work with cvs. (see
4) join the samba-cvs mailing list so you know when someone else does
   a commit.

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