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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sun May 24 13:15:21 GMT 1998

On Sun, 24 May 1998, Danny Braniss wrote:

> }> if you could unify all calls for (smb only?)authentication into:
> }>    is_smb_passwd_ok(user-name, type, challenge, NThash, LMhash)
> }> 
> }> and type: i don't have a nice name - yet - but i see two types
> }> according to the hash function to use:
> }> 
> }>     1) for logon
> }>     2) for all other services.
> }
> }all services use nt lm hashes.  there actually need (and are) two versions
> }of this function.
> }
> }one takes NT hash and LM hash; the other takes an 8 byte challenge plus
> }the 24 byte NT response (generated by client from 16 byte blah blah) plus
> }24 byte LM response (generate by client from blah blah) you know the
> }score. 
> }
> }these two functions already exist therefore in password.c.  from what you
> }are saying
> if both are in password.c (didn't get a chance to look at yet) then it

password.c hasn't been modified in this area.

> will be easy, in the prev. releases they were in smbpass &
> rpc_something-or-other (...intercative...()).

[net_login_interactive() and net_login_network().  see the latest post
under "Re: password API needed" thread.  smbpass.c is no longer the main
entry point for SAM data (including password) storage: passdb.c is.]


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