More on smbfs - I got it working...

David Woodhouse Dave at
Sat May 23 14:52:32 GMT 1998

mhw at said:
>  I'm leaning toward some sort of conversion script that will take the
> old syntax and convert it to the new syntax and call the new smbmount
> with it.  Some of my systems dual-boot between 2.0 kernels and 2.1
> kernels and switching the syntax back and forth between the two
> families of boot configurations is BOGUS.

Even that isn't really good enough. What we need is a single binary which will 
mount smbfs filesystems under either 2.0 or 2.1 kernels, similar to Petr 
Vandrovec's excellent work on ncpfs-2.2.0.

mhw at said:
> 	If anyone else has a solution for making autofs work with the new
> smbmount, please post.  Eventually, autofs will need to be adapted as
> the old smbmount is depreciated. 

I've been meaning to look into that for a while. The current method of setting
shares up by hand isn't quite nice enough for a lot of uses. I'd like it to be
properly dynamic, so I could get my latest kernel from an automounted
 /smbnet/ in much the same way as amd already
manages it for NFS.

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