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Sat May 23 17:22:31 GMT 1998

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.980523142304.800E-100000 at>you write:
}> for the time being, samba generates that one on-the-fly (hash("host")),
}ok, if you support only this and do not support a direct "set NT 16 byte
}password hash", then you can't support the "workstation password change
}function", which is a workstation trust account set function.  this is a
}security risk. 

i see what you mean, hum, i will have do do some re-thinking here.

}> and i have an ACL (access-control-list) function that is used to
}> allow/disallow a user access to a specific ws, for example only first
}> year students have access to certain hosts, etc.
}cool!  that is actually automatically supported, as it were, in NT SAMs.
}but only up to 8 workstations can be put in the list.  

no limit here, a perl script generates entries like
host-01 netgroup-a,+john,etc
from a line
     host-{00..1000} netgroup-a,+john,etc
and hesiod does the rest.
}> }- a _direct_ change NT / LM password hash, ok
}> }
}> }- let's think.  a "is_smb_passwd_ok(NThash and/or LMhash)" function: 
}> }maybe. yeah, i reckon you could get away with this.  we'd have to add it
}> }to the password api...
}> }
}> if you could unify all calls for (smb only?)authentication into:
}>    is_smb_passwd_ok(user-name, type, challenge, NThash, LMhash)
}> and type: i don't have a nice name - yet - but i see two types
}> according to the hash function to use:
}>     1) for logon
}>     2) for all other services.
}all services use nt lm hashes.  there actually need (and are) two versions
}of this function.
}one takes NT hash and LM hash; the other takes an 8 byte challenge plus
}the 24 byte NT response (generated by client from 16 byte blah blah) plus
}24 byte LM response (generate by client from blah blah) you know the
}these two functions already exist therefore in password.c.  from what you
}are saying

if both are in password.c (didn't get a chance to look at yet) then it
will be easy, in the prev. releases they were in smbpass &
rpc_something-or-other (...intercative...()).

}> this is fun, im working in the garden, and i get down to the basement
}> for some e-mail exhanges, software/hardware.
}cool!  how are the roses?

the roses are doing fine - not much reprograming there - it's the
bloody grass that keeps growing and growing and the weeds.


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