Long machine names...

Jean-Francois Micouleau Jean-Francois.Micouleau at utc.fr
Thu May 21 16:05:04 GMT 1998

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Gerald Carter wrote:

> > > 2) map all $ accounts to "nobody"
> > 
> > So you rely on uid from smbpasswd file to make machines' RID ? What's 
> > the point to have machines (sorry trusts) accounts in /etc/passwd ?
> OK.  I'll bite.  How do you guarentee that the uid in smbpasswd file is
> unique?  Not trying to restart that old thread, but the general point
> was that the only way to maintain unique uids in smbpasswd was to base
> them off of /etc/passwd

uids are not necessarily unique in /etc/passwd.

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