Long machine names...

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu May 21 15:55:28 GMT 1998

Jean-Francois Micouleau wrote:
> > 1) use a mangling system
> :-( So smbpasswd have to mangle the name and write it in /etc/passwd ?
> IMHO it's bad, unix sysadmin are paid to maintain their files, it's 
> not samba's job.

I agree.  Bad idea to write to /etc/passwd.  Most sysadmin would not
like that at all.  I know I wouldn't.

Here's a somewhat more manual solution.  Allow smbpasswd to print the
mangling based upon the current /etc/passwd & smbpasswd entries.  Then
the admin adds the mangled name to /etc/passwd and therefore is present
when you add the machine account to private/smbpasswd.

If the sysadmin wants to automate this the a perl script could add the
entries necessary to /etc/passwd for him / her.

The main thing is that you can guarentee that the name mangling is one
to one and reversable.  But this is obvious I guess.
> > 2) map all $ accounts to "nobody"
> So you rely on uid from smbpasswd file to make machines' RID ? What's 
> the point to have machines (sorry trusts) accounts in /etc/passwd ?

OK.  I'll bite.  How do you guarentee that the uid in smbpasswd file is
unique?  Not trying to restart that old thread, but the general point
was that the only way to maintain unique uids in smbpasswd was to base
them off of /etc/passwd

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