swat changes

Herb Lewis herb at chomps.engr.sgi.com
Fri May 8 01:45:13 GMT 1998

I have made a couple of changes to swat.

1. In the globals section I added the following
   "Browse Options" to the "Basic View"
        os level
        preferred master
        local master
        domain master

2. The globals section now shows non-default variables (like the
   view config section does) in the basic view. There is also a
   reset button to undo all changes you have made (that haven't
   been committed). In addition each field now has a "Set Default"
   button. Multi-choice fields are now select fields instead of
   a set of radio buttons.

3. On the status screen I added a "restart" option for stopping then 
   starting smbd and nmbd.

4. I have updated the help file for swat.

Please check it out and give me some feedback about the new look and
any other additions/modifications you would like to see

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