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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Jun 22 15:11:08 GMT 1998

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> It isn't really ready for production yet, but, in the hopes it might
> save someone else from having to duplicate my work (and considering
> what little time I'll have in the coming weeks to work on it :-) ...

[cathedral/bazaar] thanks, john, for mentioning this.  i hate it when
several people write identical code.

> I've written a PAM passwd module (based on pam_ntdom, pam_smbpass, and
> samba) to change users passwords on SMB servers (over the network).

exactly how is this achieved?

> I've only tested it against a samba server, and it currently only
> works on Redhat 5.x (if you're intersted, it does compile under
> Solaris 2.6, but pam_get_item doesn't return PAM_OLDAUTHTOK to me
> correctly after the PRELIM) but pam_smb_passwd-0.1 is available from:
> Being that 90+% of it is GPL'd code, it is GPL'd itself, and I, of
> course, take no responsiblity for what damage it does to you or your
> systems, etc.

> jrl.
> System Manager
> Department of Computer Science
> Michigan State University

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