pam_smb_passwd-0.1 . . .

John R Lane lanejohn at
Mon Jun 22 19:51:36 GMT 1998

    >> I've written a PAM passwd module (based on pam_ntdom,
    >> pam_smbpass, and samba) to change users passwords on SMB
    >> servers (over the network).

    Luke> exactly how is this achieved?

Since samba release 1.9.17 (?), samba has included support for
password changes on SMB servers -- specifcally via the
cli_oem_change_password() function.  I simply took the necessary stuff
out of samba to make this function (and this one only) work, took code
from pam_smbpass to change passwords and essentially altered it to
work around this samba function.

My intention was to have it bundled with Luke's pam_ntdom, but it
isn't DCE/RPC -based (correct me if I'm wrong) as the rest of the
pam_ntdom stuff is (or so I believe), and the current pam_ntdom code
base doesn't support the cli_oem_change_password() function (though it
is supposed to soon), so this had to wait.


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