Open & X vs. NT Create & X

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Jul 27 18:46:02 GMT 1998

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> That's because I haven't thrown the 'big red switch' in
> the HEAD branch that will cause it to announce itself
> as having NT SMB support yet.

When is it that this announcement takes place?  A reference 
to somewhere in the CIFS docs is a good enough answer.  I can 
look it up from there

> Shouldn't make a difference really. The NT4 SP4 problems
> are probably due to something else.

What lead me to this question was playing around with 
NT 5 Beta 1 Wks.  Seems that Samba did not respond to a 
NETLOGON request when the user is unknown.  It also did
break-up the packet into parts correctly when the 
domainsidsize == 0.  Seems like NT set this to 0 and then 
would still allocate 24 bytes in the packet.

Also was Samba sending truncated replies to the QUERYFORPDC 
requests.  Problem was that smbd would compare the mailslot 
name to \MAILSLOT\NET\NTLOGON.  If the name macthed it would 
include the rest of the settings ( things like the UNICODE 
strings, ntversion flag and LM tokens ).  

This could all be old news.  If so I plead ignorant.  At this 
point NT 5 is half baked anyway so this is probably all 
irrelavent but none-the-less interesting.

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