Open & X vs. NT Create & X

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Jul 27 16:41:48 GMT 1998

Gerald W. Carter wrote:

> After examining some netmon traces between
>         NT4 Wks       <-> NT4 PDC
>         NT4 Wks       <-> Samba PDC
>         NT5 Beta1 Wks <-> NT4 PDC
>         NT5 Beta1 Wks <-> Samba PDC
> I noticed a couple of things that I hope someone can explain.  Although
> all noticed communication negotiated the "NT LM 0.12" protocol as would
> be expected, the Wks <-> NT4 PDC communications used the NT_CREATE_ANDX
> command to open \lsarpc on the server during joining the domain while
> the Wks <-> Samba PDC trace showed the use of OPEN_ANDX to open
> \PIPE\lsarpc.

That's because I haven't thrown the 'big red switch' in
the HEAD branch that will cause it to announce itself
as having NT SMB support yet. NT SMB support does seem to
work, but I was going to do a little more work before
changing that parameter.

But you've persuaded me - I'll do it asap :-).

> Can anyone explain why the difference?  Does it matter?  I have searched
> the latest CIFS draft and the previous frames in the netmon traces but
> didn't see anything that would show a distinction between the NT PDC and
> the Samba PDC.

Shouldn't make a difference really. The NT4 SP4 problems
are probably due to something else.



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