Open & X vs. NT Create & X

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Jul 31 16:26:22 GMT 1998

On Sat, 25 Jul 1998, Gerald W. Carter wrote:

> :-)
> I may have overlooked an easy answer to this one ( or may be caused by a
> lack of understanding of the big picture ), but here goes...
> After examining some netmon traces between 
> 	NT4 Wks       <-> NT4 PDC
> 	NT4 Wks       <-> Samba PDC
> 	NT5 Beta1 Wks <-> NT4 PDC
> 	NT5 Beta1 Wks <-> Samba PDC
> I noticed a couple of things that I hope someone can explain.  Although
> all noticed communication negotiated the "NT LM 0.12" protocol as would
> be expected, the Wks <-> NT4 PDC communications used the NT_CREATE_ANDX
> command to open \lsarpc on the server during joining the domain while
> the Wks <-> Samba PDC trace showed the use of OPEN_ANDX to open
> \PIPE\lsarpc.
> Can anyone explain why the difference?

we don't support NT SMBs yet.

>  Does it matter?


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